My local cafe told me to – never give up!

I was up at dawn and cycling energetically with my chum; up hills, down slopes and around bends. My Strava (iphone app that plots course and speed) was on and we were loving the fresh bright morning. We arrived, puce and sweaty,  at our local cafe for our regular coffee fix where we were greeted by a blackboard notice telling us “Never give up!”

I like this thought for the day but ponder what we all did prior to these upbeat messages being scribed around our neighbourhood cafes? Did we give up, roll over and expire?

My local cafe told me to  – never give up!

This thought for the day made me muse.What is at stake? What is in danger of being given up on? I would not give up on many things, particularly the support of carers, access for people with disabilities, medical research into spinal cord injury treatment.  I feel passionate about the rights of people with disabilities and I campaign for non discrimination. I advocate for a better disability parking scheme as the current one is abused, I would initiate wheelchair only parking bays that allow wider access.

I write to enlighten anyone who reads my prose about carers and disability issues so that insight disseminates through to friends, family, the community and ultimately multidisciplinary decision makers in society. So I ask myself, without the blackboard thought for the day, would I give up ? The answer is obviously “No” because these issues matter, they matter to me and they matter to a wider population.

The issues that I am addressing are pivotal in society and it’s treatment of people with disabilities. I am urged on by inaccessibility that is modern-day discrimination. I am urged on because living with disability could be minimized with simple interventions; ramps, lifts, automatic doors, adjustments in schools, hospitals, in the workplace and recreational facilities. People with disabilities have the right to equal opportunities and that drives me to advocate for improvements in attitude, I encourage compassion and enlightenment towards the needs of the disabled. Many issues can be overcome simply with education.

I am still pondering whether I would give up on my ideals, whether I would sit cross-legged, filing my nails and sucking my teeth as I despair of any real change. The answer is still “No” because I have ideals, heartfelt passion and a clear vision of progress towards a better society, an inclusive society with options for everyone.

My local cafe told me to  – never give up!

I think the blackboard notice is aimed at the other part of me that despairs of the ironing, the endless laundry, the rogue odd sock and the constant lack of milk in our fridge. Suddenly I need that thought for the day as I must never give up on that lost sports sock, never give up on the ho-hum daily grind because clearly we all would. It is not the ideals we hold with a passion that would be discarded, it is the washing up in the sink. For the daily tedious chores and garden weeds we all have a tendency towards procrastination, but my passionate causes I’ll never give up on because they are too important.

My local cafe told me to  - never give up!

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