Concentrate on the real issue of healing.

I had time to read this week about how to cope in a crisis. One helpful book quoted insight-fully that focusing on the traumatic cause of disabling injury can prolong mental suffering. Focusing on what I can do to improve the situation keeps me moving forward towards an adapted future. Preoccupation with the genesis of a disability can be at the cost of my own post trauma reformation, growth and development. It is better to concentrate on the healing process, recovery, rehabilitation and facilitate new aspirations and goals.

Keep reading to concentrate on the real issue of healing.


If I had got stuck feeling inadequate or unable to address the new challenges or felt powerless to assist  I would have actually hindered my ability to boost Emily’s psyche. By centering on a proactive approach and positive initiations;  I engaged with Emily, friends and family empowering me to reinstate balance, meaning and purpose in our lives. With emotional balance comes efficiency, effectiveness and durable perseverance.


As time elapses from the trauma I concentrate on being mindfully present so the painful memories of Emily’s loss disperse and positive experiences dominate. It is only because I accept past events that I can truly move forward and restore my holistic core self, that facilitates my healing and growth, mental and physical.

Keep reading to concentrate on the real issue of healing.

I feel strongly that I should continue to read books that support my emotional healing. I aim to constantly build on my adversarial ability and improve my knowledge, experience and confidence. Overcoming trauma within the family is not easy but with; time, resources, insight and coping strategies resilience develops. I have bolstered and enhanced my sense of self, improved my ability to make healthy choices and created a renewed family life with value, meaning and purpose.

I realise too that I can’t be complacent as just as I think life’s running smoothly I can trip up on a metaphorical curb cut and stubble. It is wise to constantly nurture my psychological growth and well-being so I’ll keep reading.

If you don’t relish psychological reading and would rather chill out with a good book to calm and nurture your psyche, my book club reading list over the festive season includes;

  • Mother’s Disgrace – Robert Dessaix
  • The Paying Guests – Sarah Waters
  • Crossing to Safety – Wallace Stegner
  • Time Storm – Steve Harrison
  • This Picture of You – Sarah Hopkins
  • Not that Kind of Girl –  Lena Dunham
  • This House of Grief – Helen Garner
  • The Berlin Crossing – Kevin Brophy
  • A Man Called Ove — Fredrik Backman
  • The Twelve Tribes of Hattie  – Ayana Mathes
  • The Light Between the Oceans – M.L. Stedman
  • The Girl who Saved the King of Sweden – Jonas Jonasson

Non – fiction books maybe supportive, written to engender empathy and hope. Some books are fictional escapism, it doesn’t matter what you prefer as long as you take time to nurture yourself outside of your role and responsibilities.

I take myself around the world with literature, I read widely; to broaden my outlook, to open my mind to the variety and diverseness that exists, to stretch and expand my language and thinking.

Libraries abound so reading is a free and simple pleasure which I advocate we all take time to do more often.

Keep reading to concentrate on the real issue of healing.



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