Rachel at Everyday Caring

Born in London Rachel became a Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife and a Health Visitor. Relocating several times internationally with her young family, they have settled to live in Sydney, Australia.

As a working professional in the community… even Rachel’s dog takes caring seriously.


Rachel – Suddenly an Everyday Carer

Rachel’s family experienced catastrophic trauma when Emily, the eldest daughter, fell whilst snowboarding in America. She broke her neck rendering her quadriplegic and Rachel suddenly became an everyday carer in her own home.

“You can’t go through this experience and come out the same person, change happens.”

Rachel writes about :

Everyday Caring in the home

Following Emily’s accident Rachel joined the 2.6 million unpaid carers in Australia. Now part of these statistics Rachel doesn’t feel like a number, she strives to be herself and writes to facilitate health, fitness and wellbeing……developing resilience.

Rachel shares Winston Churchill’s attitude  – “Never, never, never give up”  

Follow Rachel and Emily’s journey as they progress…


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