Quick salmon recipes

During a particularly long wait at Royal North Shore Hospital I exhausted all the current gossip magazines so was excited to read the Tasmanian Salmon Cookery Book. It was a delight which I wanted to share with you as quick salmon recipes – ideal for busy carers/people and relatively inexpensive for all the nutritional benefits.

Quick salmon recipes

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Quick and delicious meal planning …..without repeats or apocalyptic stockpiling

Quick and delicious meals are imperative but how do I  plan as a busy mother/carer? Wherever you are in the world when the clock hits 4pm there is a collective intake of breath, eyes roll skyward, as everyone considers “What’s for dinner?” Continue reading

Hot Chilli for Emily!

As Emily has to stick to 1200 calories or 5000 kilojoules a day I aim to make them tasty!

Vegetables are our staple ingredient as delicious and healthy. Emily was inspired by Jamie Oliver’s recipe for vegetable chilli so with a few minor adaptations I  cooked up a hot chilli dinner! Continue reading